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Who would genuinely like to be convinced that raising the minimum wage is EXACTLY what America needs right now?

Anonymous said: Pssh. If I told you anything else it would give me away!

lame… lol

Anonymous said: You could call me a friend.

Well that’s good. What else could I call you?

Anonymous said: I am the person who loves you duh 🙈

Hate to tell you this… there are a few out there who love me, so you could be many!  who are you?!?!?! :D

Anonymous said: Marry meeeee

:O  WHoooo are you! :0

Anonymous said: Id like your blog more if you posted more. Just saying. You post good stuff just not enough :3

I know… :/

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Anonymous said: I really like ur blog :3 and you're hella cute 🙈 ❤️

Oh my gosh, thank you!! Who are you??? :D

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Anonymous said: Unf... ;)

:D who are you??? :D

mysoulfullight said: See, I told you I had a tumblr! 🙈

Haha! Nice! :P

sing-praise1 said: No, we've never met! :-) -Elle

Well. Your comments have been lovely. :)

sing-praise1 said: Your eyes are breathtaking! -Elle

Thank you!!! :D. Do I get to see a picture of you now? Haha. Do we know each other? :). Have we met? :)